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CCTV Security Cameras

Keeping You In the Picture

When it comes to CCTV you need a professional like Papworth Security on the job.  DIY security installations often result in the incorrect positioning of cameras, poor quality imagery and significant blind spots which can be exploited.

35 Years Of Security Expertise

Papworth Security has helped Adelaide families and businesses with expert advice, quality CCTV equipment, and professionally designed security systems for over 35 years.  Our in-depth security knowledge means you’ll get a professionally designed security system that provides full visibility of your home and grounds to keep you and your family safe.

CCTV Installations – Cutting Edge Technology

The experts at Papworth Security keep up with the latest technology, so you’ll always get the best security products available.  All our systems are custom designed to suit your requirements and we recommend Hikvision equipment and technology.  Your CCTV security system will be tailored to suit your budget, security needs and property layout.

Professional CCTV Installations Across Adelaide

Our experienced and licenced security technicians will design your Hikvision CCTV security system to deliver optimum performance.  We know which types of cameras to select for different areas, where to place them for maximum field of vision and how to get full coverage of your property.

When installing your security cameras, we use Cat 5E or 6 data cables which allow for rapid image relay over distances up to 100m without installing additional power sources.  So, regardless of your property size, we can keep all areas monitored and visible.


CCTV Security Systems

Our basic CCTV security package incorporates recording equipment (either a digital NVR or analogue DVR), 1TB (terabyte) storage and 4 x 4mp day/night CCTV cameras.  Prices include cabling, installation, handover training, 3-year product warranty and one-year installation warranty.

Hikvision CCTV Cameras

Day/Night Infra-Red Cameras

We offer a selection of different CCTV cameras equipped with Infrared night vision for excellent day and night visibility.  All cameras are waterproof and dustproof to ensure you always capture quality footage.

Fixed or Mobile Cameras

We can install bullet cameras, dome, turret cameras and PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) cameras which can be wall or ceiling mounted.  PTZ cameras allow you to zoom in and out the frame for crystal clear distance or close up vision.

Basic or Super Zoom Capabilities

Hikvision has all the latest high tech CCTV cameras available with different levels of zoom.  The most advanced cameras currently available have up to 42 times optical zoom with night vision up to 300m from where the camera is positioned.

Ultra HD Resolution

The resolution on your camera is a critical part of your security system.  The higher the resolution the better and more detailed the image.  The more megapixels your camera has, the higher the image resolution.  This is important because you may need to zoom into your picture to reveal more details such as a close up of a person’s face. 

Strobes & Audio

The latest advances in CCTV Camera technology incorporate strobe lighting and audio.  When the camera senses movement the strobe light can flash and audio or a siren can sound.  This acts as a huge deterrent for intruders as they know they have been seen and captured on camera which is a great way to keep people honest and help prevent crime. 

DVRs & NVRs – It’s Not All About the Camera!

CCTV cameras are a vital part of your security system, but your recording equipment is equally as important.  Your NVR – network video recorder (digital) or digital video recorder (analogue) are video recorders that capture and store the feed from your security cameras.  CCTV camera recording can be continuous or movement-activated, the more data you record the larger capacity system you need.

Large Storage Capacity

Our technicians will advise you on the best DVR/NVR capacity to suit your requirements based on the number of cameras you have.  Once the hard drive is full, the system will record over the oldest files first, so you’ll have plenty of data to review when needed. 

Storage capacities range from 1TB to 60TB’s.  The size of your hard drive and the number of cameras you have will determine the length of your recording capacity.  However, you can easily store between one week to one years’ worth of footage depending on your system.

Viewing Your Feed – Keeping Homes Visible

Remote Viewing

One of the major benefits of digital CCTV cameras is that live and stored footage is available to view directly from your smartphone or iPad.  This makes it easy to see and monitor your property anytime, anywhere. 

TV Integration

Papworth Security can integrate your DVR/NVR system into your TV.  We’ll simply assign a TV channel to the security network so you can view your live feed or stored data from the comfort of your favourite armchair. 

FAQ – CCTV Security Cameras

What does CCTV stand for?

CCTV stands for closed-circuit television.  CCTV is basically a video camera that is used to capture and record footage in a specific location.  Nowadays we use digital video cameras to capture footage that can be viewed live or recorded for viewing later.

What is the difference between a security camera, CCTV and a surveillance camera?

CCTV and surveillance cameras are called security cameras.  They are there to help protect and secure your premises.  Before the roll-out of broadband, CCTV technology only recorded video, whilst surveillance technology recorded video and audio.  Today as we use digital IP (Internet Protocol) cameras, all cameras can capture video and audio to offer the ultimate security solution.

Why install CCTV surveillance cameras?

CCTV security cameras are a great way to see in and around your property when you are away from home.  They act as a deterrent for intruders, trespassers and thieves and are an excellent way to monitor suspicious activity.  CCTV cameras can be installed inside or outside of your home or business and can be used to check in on elderly parents, view your pets whilst you are away from home or help you keep an eye on the neighbourhood.    

Are security cameras analogue or digital?

There are 2 types of security cameras – analogue and digital.  Digital CCTV technology has now superseded analogue as it offers more versatility, less distortion and better transmission rates.  If you want to future proof your security system you need to install a digital system.  Digital systems also allow for IP technology meaning signals can either be sent directly (hardwired) or wirelessly through the internet.

What is the difference between a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and an NVR (Network Video Recorder?

Both DVRs and NVRs are video recorders that are used to capture and record your CCTV footage.  Digital video recorders are used with analog systems.  They capture and convert analog footage into a digital format using a processor built into the hard drive.  

Network video recorders are used with digital IP (Internet Protocol) cameras.  NVRs encrypt and process the data at the camera, before sending it to the hard drive for live viewing or storage.  NVR uses IP technology which means they can provide greater coverage for fewer cameras, larger storage capacity, higher image quality and both video and audio capture.  As NVRs use IP technology, images can be stored on your hard drive, sent directly to the cloud or viewed live from your smartphone.