Security concerns regarding the NBN

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is a publicly funded roll-out of fibre optic cables across Australia, which will replace our existing copper cable network and infrastructure for phone lines and broadband services.

This means, if you want to continue making phone calls and using the internet through a landline service, you will need to be connected to the NBN.

Before the Nbn service is rolled out in your area, please take a moment to consider your options.

Please be aware that the Uni-V Port on your NBN connection cannot be relied upon for the transmission of alarm signals to a central station.


The Pm45-4g unit is an inexpensive solution for a standard alarm dialler which will also eliminates the need for an NBN backup battery, and will reliably communicate alarm transmissions over 3g & 4g networks, the unit also has a dual sim card option, to cover two different network providers.

Through a pocket secure app, you can also control 3 outputs, which can be configured to arm/disarm your system, control electric gates, rollar doors and even turn on lights, remotely via a mobile phone.

The Ness 3g gsm also offers communication to a control centre, or even your own mobile.

When the new NBN fibre service is rolled out in your area, please contact Papworth Security for assistance in ensuring that there is no interruption with your monitoring centre and your alarm system continues to function and report.


To find out when the NBN will be available in your area, visit
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